Sunday, September 7, 2014

SUP or Stand Up Paddling , anyone?

Have you ever tried Stand Up Paddling or SUP?  It might just enjoy it!  If you like being around the water and being around boats and nature you might REALLY like it.   It is a great watersport for some of us that may not be athletic enough or simply not adventurous enough for surfing.  It isn't difficult and you can do it in the tamer channels OR out on the ocean.

Because you do it on top of the board and for the most part stay out of the water you can do it much of the year.   The water cools down later than the air so you could do it into NOVEMBER, maybe later!   Conversely, the water warms up later than the air so it may not warm up until April.

There are many places to rent a board.  Typically, they charge $20 for an hour. 

Curious?  Check out this 'Getting Started' video from home (YouTube is probably blocked for you at school).
'Stand Up Paddling TV' channel has other good instructional videos- and even 'fitness and yoga' videos in their playlist.

The media center doesn't currently have any books on stand up paddling but will soon.   In the meantime, check out what the public library has.

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