Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where the jobs are: Hot prospects for college grads

USA Today report on choosing the right field in college
(photo source: USA Today)

It may seem a little early for high school students to think about what to major in college?   It really isn't though.  You certainly don't need to WORRY about it while you are in H.S. but it doesn't hurt to think about it and to learn about options whenever you have the option.  
Many COLLEGE students, themselves, struggle with their choice of major and it can be quite frustrating.  It can also be quite expensive (more about that later).
Ask a parent, a friend's parent, teachers, etc. questions about their college majors and their career choices.  I know myself I majored in a degree that I never worked in and over the years I learned how a different degree would have benefited me more. 
Look into careers that use your skills and reflect your interests.
Here is a recent USA Today Report entitled, 'Where the Jobs Are: How to get Hired - Choose the Right Field in College' that goes into details as to what the future job market will likely look like.
There is too much to even begin highlighting BUT I will point out a passage on STEM jobs:
"STEM jobs - those requiring a mastery of science, technology, engineering or math skills - are overwhelmingly in high demand and will account for about 38% of all high-skill jobs created; they are also typically among the highest paid."
There is also a lot of information about Health Care Jobs.
Check it out -
* What are the costs of changing degrees?  Here are a couple of articles about the topic -

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