Thursday, August 6, 2015

The password for office campus use of NC WiseOwl has changed

(Note: this is not related to PowerSchool or NC Wise - this is an online magazine and journal database particularly useful for Graduation Project)

Effective immediately the NCWiseOwl password for off campus use has changed - Email Mr. Jones, the Media Coordinator/Librarian, for the password.

About NC WiseOwl...

NC WiseOwl (NC Online Windows for Learning) has been providing online subscription resources for N.C. schools since 1999.  
It provides access to a collection of online resources for use in research projects and homework assignments.  

NC WiseOwl has three major strengths as an educational resource:   
  • Quality: Information on the Internet at-large is often unreliable and inappropriate for use in the K-12 education field.  WiseOwl’s subscription databases provide access to articles from thousands of magazines, from online encyclopedias and reference sources, and from a variety of other sources that are only available to paying customers.  
  • Economy: By purchasing databases at the state level we are able to achieve an economy-of-scale that saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the cost of individual school systems purchasing the same resources.
  • Safety: The World Wide Web was never intended as a K-12 educational tool.  Using WiseOwl for online research places students in a safer, advertising-free environment with age-appropriate information and tools that assist students with the research process.