Monday, February 29, 2016

Ready for some outdoor fun? Try GEOCACHING!

The StarNews printed an article that reminded me of this great way to spend a couple hours with friends or family outside. The article was called, 'Leap into Geocaching: It's an outdoor adventure game where players use mobile apps or a GPS device to find hidden containers around the world."

The name of the article has changed to ''WORLD-WIDE TREASURE HUNT' - Leap into geocaching with day of events: 2,900 events scheduled on Feb. 29; 17 of those in N.C.'

Here is the Website to get you started - Geocaching 101

Have fun! Let Mr. Jones know how your experience goes!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Checkout InstaGrok Thinking Map for your Research or Graduation Project!

Ms. Dareneau shared this with me and it very cool!

"You type in the topic and it uses a formula to find a thinking map of subtopics. Within those subtopics, you can find get an array of  images, videos, articles, definitions, etc...

Students can also copy notes, import information AND sources into GoogleDocs and think critically beyond their phrase of research. It seems ideal for a student who has a decent grasp of technology and can begin to think beyond the linear way to research. "

Here is an example on 'trafficking' -